Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plan for Moving Forward...

Our project is two fold: 1. implement shot boundary detection, 2. implement human-dancer detection.

1. We are using free shotdetect software by Johan Mathe.

This software takes AVI files as input and outputs two things of interest to us:
- XML file containing result of the analysis.
- Thumbs of the first and last image of the detected scene

We have an executable shot detect, and we also have the source code for the software. We are looking to change the shot detect software so that it may input one of two things:
- AVI files for each shot.
- If this proves too hard to accomplish, we would like shotdetect to output a text file containing results of the analysis. This text file will then be used as input fcutter, an open source command line program, that will cut our full song-dance sequence into shots.

2. Implementing Human Detection.
For human body detection, we are making use of Amy Alexander's SVEN - Surveillance Video Entertainment Network.

One of the problems with SVEN is that it only works well if the background is stable. We will look to change this feature so that human detection is possible even with moving backgrounds.

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  1. Feel free to contact me if you need any help on shotdetect!