Monday, March 1, 2010

Fresh off the Farm: Camshift to Track Detected Faces

Thanks to Robin Hewitt!! for the very helpful Camshift wrapper.

We decided to include Camshift to compensate for the intermittent face detectors.
Also, realized that the Modesto Castrillon-Santana's Head and Shoulders haar cascade classifier has a far better detection rate than the standard face haar cascades that come with OpenCV.

the camshift failing towards the end here-- fair enough as she turns away her head.
We should do something about resetting the camshift tracker at the beginning of each shot. Also, we still need to implement camshift for multiple faces/people. Also, we should implement some sort of error as to not have the camshift tracker get carried away(pun intended.)


  1. Hi.. gr8 work dude.. im really impressed.. :) i have made a piece of code which uses haar classifiers to detect human face and track it using camshift algorithim.. i have used EmguCV an openCV wrapper for C#..

    please take a look at my blog..

  2. Hey WahaB! Thanks for the comment!

    That's a cool video you have on your blog. Looks like it is working pretty well! Is it for a class or just for fun? My partners and I did it for a computer vision class here at UCSD.

    P.S. I saw that your from Pakistan. What languages do you know? (I know Farsi)!